Taking Care of Our Ag Community – Peoples National Bank

There are a number of challenges that men and women face in the ag industry.   However, getting a loan to provide operating capital for the farm operation should not be one of them.  That’s why Peoples National Bank is proud to support the farming industry.

Taking Care of Our Ag Community - Peoples National BankMatt Moore is the commercial ag lender at the Peoples National Bank location in Fairfield, Illinois. He says there are a number of loans available to farmers, including those just starting out in the industry all the way to more established farmers.

“Ag is the heart and backbone of our community and our business. It is the foundation on which we were established,” says Moore.

Moore knows a thing or two about the ag industry. He grew up on a farm, working side by side with his father. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in agriculture at Southern Illinois University.  After graduation, he spent 20 years working at a fertilizer company where he spent nearly a decade as the manager. About seven years ago, Matt made a change in careers to service the ag industry in a different capacity.  Matt’s background in the ag industry provides his customers someone that knows as much about farming as finance.

He says he’s been able to take the working relationships from his previous job to his current position at Peoples National Bank.  Because of the trust, Moore gained in his fertilizer management position, farmers are now coming to him for loans.  He says one of the biggest highlights for him now is being able to assist others in reaching, fulfilling or maintaining their dreams in the ag industry.

“I consider my farm customers a partner in the business.  We work togetherTaking Care of Our Ag Community - Peoples National Bank to make our businesses successful.  My background helps me understand what the farmers are dealing with and how I can help them with their finances,” said Moore.

If you want to learn more about our ag loan options, call the Peoples National Bank Customer Care Center at (877) 378-1909 or go to our website:  www.peoplesnationalbank.com


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