The Grinch Strikes Again – Peoples National Bank

Cindy Lou Who is now the mayor of town.
But her Who-Ville smile has turned to a frown.

It’s because once again the Grinch is a heel.
Now it’s their identities he’d worked to steal.
The Whos trusted the Grinch when his heart tripled in size.
But believing that green guy is never very wise.
Reports of his crimes had been widely reported.
His devious deeds once again thwarted.
But the Whos had forgotten what was in the news clips.
So we here at Peoples National Bank offer these tips.

When shopping online look for h-t-t-p-s on the site.
That means it’s safe and all will be right.
Another mistake those Whos made again
Was writing down their ATM PIN.
The Grinch found those numbers in a pile of trash.
He used all the data and stole all the Who’s cash.
Some Whos left blank checks on the table.
With that stolen money, Grinch bought a new sable.
That coat kept him warm as he rummaged through mail
and committed more fraud that should have sent him to jail.
So unlike the Whos, check your box each day.
Shred unwanted documents to keep thieves away.
Store other important documents in a safe place.
And never post info in cyberspace.
The Grinch again realizes he’s made a mistake.
He says that he’s sorry for all the heartache.

Now he’s sharing about safety and has been perfectly frank
All while touting the skills of Peoples National Bank.
A safe app, e-statements and a free checking account,
Are some of the things that make Peoples paramount.
So if someone steals your data and does something vile
Pick up the phone and immediately dial.
Below is the number you’ll want to call.
Peoples will act fast, we will not stall.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Peoples National Bank. If your debit card is stolen, contact us immediately at 1-618-241-6550.


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