Credit Management – Peoples National Bank

It’s March and that means lots of college basketball. While we’re tracking the scores of our favorite teams during the NCAA tournament, there’s an even more important score to keep your eyes on. It’s your credit score. March is also National Credit Education Month.

One in five Americans finds errors in their credit score. These errors can lead to serious ramifications, including impacting the ability to buy a new home or car. Poor credit can also affect the ability to pay for your children’s college education. That’s why experts say we must all stay vigilant and follow some simple safety tips to prevent falling victim to scammers.


  1. Check your credit report. Changes can happen at any time whether by something like a missed payment or fraudulent activity. By law, you are entitled to a free credit report from all three major credit reporting agencies once a year, including TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

  2. Pay bills on time. Whether you’re looking to build or maintain your credit, experts say the best way to do both is to meet payment deadlines. The best way to keep on top of bills is to set up autopay through your bank. That’s an option we offer here at Peoples National Bank. Learn more here.

  3. Reduce debt. Paying off debt is another great way to improve your credit score. Once you get that balance to zero, you’ll want to do your best to maintain it.

  4. Protect your security. Don’t share your login or PIN with anyone. Shred documents that you no longer need to keep. Avoid using public wifi when checking bank balances or credit card statements.

Following these tips can help ensure the health of your credit score.  If you ever have questions about your account, call the Peoples National Bank Customer Care Center at (877) 378-1909.